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The life is invaluable, irrespective of whose it is. A common person’s life needs as much protection as the life of a VIP. So, we equip your vehicles with the ability to resist bullets and other forms of ammunition.

A Bullet Proof vehicle enhances the levels of safety in a crisis situation. It allows the travellers with added reaction time and hence, they can think through about all the possible protection measures.

Ballistic Opaque Materials


As a woven fabric, it is light in weight and quite malleable. Shaping it into seams and corners A woven type light weight fabric that is “ultra-malleable” that can be shaped perfectly into seams/corners of the vehicle for lower level protection and back-splashed with ballistic steel or ceramic to achieve higher protection.


It is a polythene matierla which is specially laminated to create a composite light-weighted material, which is even lighter than ballistic steel. Its considerably higher thickness and ability to reupholster the interior in an OEM fashion in certain SUVs and sedans, justifies the added cost incurred by dyneema. It is also used while Alpine Armouring to achieve light-weighted armoured vehicles.

Ballistics Steel

It is amongst the opaque materials used to armour vehicles. Specifically, Alpine Armouring often uses lightweight ballistic steel along with other composite ballisitic materials to create some of the lightest armoured vehicles.

Ballistics Ceramics

We make use of only the best applications whenever certain areas of vehicles have to be arnoured, i.e., Aluminum Carbide, Silicon Carbide and Boron Carbide. While they are significantly lighter than steel, they are known to serve the purpose exceptionally well.

Design optimization
Design optimization

center of


Measurement of center of gravity before and after bulletproofing is one of the ways to analyse if the vehicle has been armoured properly. The qualified personnel at Secure Mobile India ensures that every bulletproof vehicle adheres to this fundamental point by performing the necessary technical assessments.Further they try to lower the point of center of gravity whenever possible.



Armoured vehicles can rightly be assessed on two parameters: how protective they are and the measure of safety they provide. Along with endurance to gun shots, driving and handlig properties of the vehicle form some of the other important elements. Our design team helps us provide impecable services by performing stress analysis on every chassis of vehicle while and after the work is being completed.