Bomb Container



1. Bomb Trailer
2. Bomb Basket
3. Bomb Sled

The basic Bomb Handling System using Bomb Trolley/Trailer, Bomb Basket & Bomb Sled reduces the risk of moving an unexploded IED, to a safer place for Disposal/Defuse. The Bomb Disposal Team is equipped with highly efficient method of a suspected device (IED) from the Point of Street/Road to a safe disposal area. Thus with its additional features of remote loading and provisions for carrying all parts of the basic bomb handling system. Thus trailer becomes a complete bomb handling unit on wheels.


The Bomb Trolley frame is welded on steel channel. The wheels are fitted on an axle assenbly and the leaf springs sets on both the sides. This allows the trailer to have a completely in safe and orderly manner carrying away of unexploded suspected bomb. Bomb Trailer/Trolley - are available in two options

1. BP Steel
2. Sand Filled


Bomb Trolley (BP Steel) - is made using 6 mm B.P. Steel 

Dimensions   :   Length - 48" 
                   :  Width - Top :42" / Bottom : 36" 
                   :  Height - 24"

  • Top Lid can be opened in both sides.

  • Trolley is provided with toeing hook.

  • The trolley is made as per Motor Vehicle Act.

Bomb Trolley Sand Filled (Bomb Trailer)

The Bomb Trailer is made of M.S. Sheet of 2 mm thick outer skin and 3 mm B.P Steel inner skin. The trailer is made as per Motor Vehicle Act. Sand filled in all four sides and floor in 9" thick gap. A Toeing hook is provided.

Dimensions    :   Length - 5' 
                     :   Width - 4' 
                     :   Height - 2' 5