Bullet Proof Jacket


Protection level : 
Protection level and degree of coverage are important to a certain point, the more the better and the Ballistic threat by a bullet depends, among other things, on its composition, shape, calibre, mass angle of incident and impact velocity.

We believe, the information given in this brief brochure is the best currently available on the subject. It may offer a helpful suggestion on the selection and care of Bullet Resistant Vest / Jackets, which you may choose to follow. It is not intended to supersede or conflict with local standards. It is subjected to revision as additional knowledge and experience are gained.

SECURE provides wide range of high technology Body Protective Garments to choose from both Soft and Hard Armour to provide total and assured body protection against Bullet fired from Pistol, Revolver, Carbine and High Velocity SLR and Artillery Shells, as also against all kinds of fragments caused due to explosion of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).



  • Quilted Aramid Fabric                                              

  • Trauma Pad

  • Human Torso

  • Ceramic Plate


  • All Bullet Resistant  Vests/Jackets we manufacture meet National Institute of Justice Standard (NIJ-STD) of USA.

  • Rigorous testing in R&D ensures that everything we manufacture will meet you most demanding standards.