Bullet Proof Patka

SECURE Mobile (India) is the sole proprietor of the design in respect of Bullet Proof PATKA (Safety Head Gear), which is duly registered with the patent Office, Govt. of India underRegistration No. 170699 and 170700, which are valid, subsisting and in force. Thus, SECURE have the sole right of manufacturing and marketing the PATKA in the country.

SECURE is only the Manufacturer & Supplier of PATKA to Northern and Eastern Command (Indian Army).

The PATKA are available for Soldiers and Officers. Having protection for 9 mm at rear from 10 mtrs. And from 25 mtrc. AK47 or SLR at forehead. The weight of PATKA will be approx. 1.4 kg to 1.7 kg.

However, SECURE R&D is doing its best to reduce the weight and giving more protection area for lower and higher velocity bullets as well as for fragments of Artillery and Bomb Shell.

We, at SECURE have developed another model of PATKA (2110M modified) using anti corrosive coating with Steel Band which has an added feature of Steel Band corrosive productions not are in the Secure 2110 Secure 2111 PATKA models would also have add on for Ear & Neck protection against 9 mm and 17 grain Steel fragments of Bomb and Artillery Shells, as also against all kinds of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). 

If you don't find what you are looking for in this catalogue that does not mean it is not available. We are capable of modifying and designing to meet the specifications and exact customer's requirements, whether it be just a minor adjustment or major alteration.


Model, Bullet Proof PATKA (Steel Plane) for AK-47 at Front and 9 mm, at Rear.


(Modified) Model, Bullet Proof PATKA (Steel Plane) with Specially Anti Corrosive coating for AK-47 At Front and 9 mm, at rear.


Model, Bullet Proof PATKA (Steel Plane) for AK-47 at Front and 9 mm, at rear & 9 mm protection with Kevlar Padding at Neck & Ear.