Conical Roof

Technical Specifications of Bullet Proof Sentry Post (Version 2009)
1. The Sentry Post should be able to accommodate two soldiers inside who can fire from the firing port standing as well as couched position from each side.
2. It should have provided with two handles (One top and one bottom on each three plates) to carry and erect.
3. Easy to erect and dismantle i.e. approx 15 minutes total.
4. While installation at site each plate must have the provision to joint together with the help of strong hinges, which should be riveted / bolted instead of welding for easy assembling and dismantling.
5. Bullet Proof Sentry Post must be made from single plates (front, side and Left) without any kind of Joints or welding as per enclosed drawings.
6. Protection level- Side plates against 7.62 x 51mm (SLR) at 90ofrom a distance of 10 meters. Roof plates against 7.62 x 51mm (SLR) at 45 o from a distance of 10meters. The Roof / Top of the Sentry Post should be so designed to face angle fire from 45o(SLR) from 10mtrs. The surface of the roof should be slippery so that no metal or anything remains on the roof. It should have four triangular pieces joint together in conical shape. (as per drawings)
7. All the three BP Steel Plates, front, Left and Right must have 2 firing slot window of size 12” x 12” on the upper portion of the each plate, & another window in the bottom of size 7”x5” which should be capable of protection against SLR, AK-47, from 10 mtrs. respectively. All the windows shall have inside cover of the same material. Each plate must be marked Left, Right, Front Side and Top and also its serial No. inside of the Post.
8. The Sentry Post should have inside hooks for hanging Weapons / Binoculars / Compass / NVD’s and a stand for water bottle.
Colour of the Bullet Proof Sentry Post as per user choice.
Angle of the side plates to be provided coverage from four directions i.e. Front, Left and Right alongwith Top. (as per drawings)
Dimensions (Plate)
Height (mm)
1981 ± 5mm
1981 ± 5mm
1981 ± 5mm
Width (mm)
914 ± 5mm
914 ± 5mm
914 ± 5mm
Thickness (mm)
6.2 ± .5/0mm
6.2 ± .5/0mm
6.2 ± .5/0mm
Dimensions (Roof)
Thickness (mm)                         :     4.1 ± .5/0mm
Shape                                      :     Triangle (as per drawings)
Height from Center of Roof           :     2133mm (approx 7ft)
Weight of Roof                           :     35kgs.
Weight of Plates
105 kgs. of each plate (±) 2kgs tolerance allowed in each plate.
Weight of Sentry Post
Weight approx 350kgs ± 5kgs with Roof.
Protection Level
Each Plate is able to provide following protection Level-
1) 7.62 x 51mm (SLR) distance from 10 meters.
2) 7.62 x 39mm (AK-47) distance from 10 meters.
3) Splinter of Grenade No. 36 HE from 10 meters.
Material (BP Steel)
BP Steel is test and approved by TBRL Chandigarh under Ministry of Defence Lab or any other international Lab. BP Steel plate should be heat treated to develop maximum resistance to penetration. The tenderer should be submit the BP Steel manufacturer material test report of each plate with the mentioning of plate number and lot number