designed and Made in India

Blast Containment Bin

Blast Containment Bin can combine keeping the environment clean and protecting the public against terrorist blast threats. Tested to the latest Indian Ministry of Home Affairs standards (2013), the Blast Containment Bin is designed to protect against 2 KG TNT blast threats and is suitable for most sensitive locations.

Maximum protection for busy public areas:

  • Exceptional blast mitigation.
  • Easy to use for efficient everyday emptying.
  • Slick and durable design for busy environments.
  • Enables superior all-around horizontal blast fragment protection.
  • Helps decrease vertical pressure.
  • Very low maintenance costs.

Specialists in Blast Protection

Proven Blast Containment Performance

Blast Containment Bin has been independently tested to the most stringent Indian Ministry of Home Affairs standards. It has a high charge capacity and is designed to work even when the explosive device detonates near the side or bottom of the unit, unlike many alternative solutions.The shell remains intact providing all-round horizontal protection whilst the lid disintegrates into harmless particles.

Enhanced Safety in Public Areas