safety head first

designed and Made in India

SECURE – PAS-GT is developed with the help of extensive research and the experienced personnals in the field of ballistic threat protection. Bulletproof Helmet SECURE PAS-GT are made from specially woven Aramid Fabric Lamination. It's Low weight makes it much more comfortable to wear than the traditional steel Helmet, better protection with no comfort Penalty.
The Ballistic limit for Bulletproof Helmet SECURE PAS-GT offer maximum safety in crisis situations (Its Ballistic performance is 100% better than a steel Helmet). Yet it has minimum weight. Needless to say, a SECURE PAS-GT Bulletproof Helmet is reliable defense against fragments. It also provides protection against small firearms, handgun i.e. up-to 9 mm Pistol, Revolver, and SAF Carbine from a distance of 5 meters.
SECURE Visor - (Face Shield) - are more robust attachment system to Secure PASGT - style Helmets and Swings up and out of the way when not needed - vision protection is generally not Bullet Proof, but will protect your eyes from impact - splash, smoke particulate matter and chemicals plus fragments.