Safely shielded

designed and made in India

Protection level :

The offered level of protection is determined mostly by degree of coverage, in which more is always better. Further, it is important that the bulletproof vest is crafted according to the highest of industry standards.

Our bulletproof jackets are made such that they conform with the Test Procedure used by NIJ-STD (National Institute of Justice) of USA. They provide supreme protection without compromising on the overall comfort. Bulletproof jackets are available in several shapes and forms. They may be worn under or over the clothes and at times, bullet proof jackets may be worn as executive vests as well.

Furthermore, it is possible to customise the jackets as per the crimes which are frequently committed in your area

Secure Mobile India offers a variety of body protective garments crafted using the most advanced technologies. Besides pistol bullets, revolver bullets and carbine bullets, our vests can protect against high velocity SLR and artillery shells as well. An added purpose served by the bulletproof vest is the armouring against all kinds of fragments which result from explosions.

Secure 2100 (Executive Vests) are designed for Politicians, Executives and other high profile individuals who are concerned about their safety at home or while travelling. The easily removable Soft Armour Panels (SAP) are available in various colours and styles such thhat they can be worn covertly as an outer cover.

This vest can be worn under the casual attire and protects against various forms of ammunition such as pistol and revolver shots. They are designed to provide maximum Ballistic Protection with utmostcomfort, light weight and flexibility. They are available in Protection level II, IIA and IIIA. The outer cover is fabricated from a washable polyester/cotton blend, has adjustable fasteners (on shoulders and around the waist) with hook and loop fasteners that alllow individual adjustment for maximum comfort and fit.

In terms of base Ballistic Protection, the Secure 2102 (Over Vest) are similar to Secure 2101 (Under Vest). In addition, Secure 2102 (Over Vest) provides front and back pockets located on the vest carrier to allow optional upgrading to Protection Level III and IV with Hard Armour Plates. The shoulder position is fixed and the harness is in one piece. Back pocket is further reinforced with three strips of Nylon webbing. Their purpose is to dramatically reduce the excessive wear caused by the plates.

The military grade bulletproof ceramics provide the most security amongst all vests. When a bullet is defeated by Body Armour, a high level of Kinetic Energy is transmitted through the vest. The effect of this energy on the human body is known as the Blunt Trauma, which can cause severe injuries. The Secure Ceramic Trauma Pads protect the wearer from the effects of Blunt Trauma by absorbing Kinetic Energy and distributing over a much larger area. These Ceramic Trauma Pads are an integral part of the Secure Body Armour lineup, and are not optional.


  • Quilted Aramid Fabric
  • Trauma Pad
  • Ceramic Plate
  • All Bullet Resistant Vests/Jackets we manufacture meet National Institute of Justice Standard (NIJ-STD) of USA.
  • Rigorous testing in R&D ensures that everything we manufacture will meet you most demanding standards.