bLAST resistant Tactical Bunker

designed and Made in India

foolproof vigilance


When you require the ultimate in security and protection, you need Bullet Proof enclosures from Secure mobile. Our Bullet Proof Guard rooms (also known as Bullet Proof bunkers) are skillfully engineered to the most exacting of standards, ensuring each Guard Room provides incomparable protection for your Guards and security staff. SECURE bullet Proof enclosures have been used by some of the most exclusive and security-sensitive organizations, including Indian Air force, Navy, ISRO, Police and in high-level corporate, VVIP security systems. Our clients take no risks with security and that's why they trust bullet Proof Guard Rooms from SMI.


Blast resistance is a major requirement of most guard enclosures and attendant booths and many guard booth manufacturers simply do not rise to the challenge. That is because incorporating solid and functional blast resistance into a guard booth or revenue protection design prevents injuries and saves lives. Many are looking for the proverbial bullet proof guard house.

SECURE has worked extensively with leading ballistics engineers and suppliers of ballistic resistant materials to develop blast-resistant technology and SMI employs highly specialized materials, such as fiberglass composites and armor-plated steel on our custom steel booths. This has made us a leader in ballistic resistant technology and allowed us to achieve the highest level of blast resistance in the industry.


SMI Bullet Proof Guard Rooms have many special features that make them standout from the rest of the industry. These features include continuous stainless steel hinges on blast resistant doors, which enable the doors to support armored weight and ensure easy handling without failure. SMI has designed and perfected several gun ports, allowing for a range of weapons, from large caliber weapons to small handguns. These features are easy to operate and incredibly secure.

As Standard, all SMI models are fitted with the following:
  • Air conditioning
  • Floodlights
  • Gunports
  • Intercoms
  • Emergency evacuation systems blast proof ventilation
  • Rubber Shock Absorbers to reduce vibration in Cabin
Additional accessories including:
  • Air Filtrations
  • Communication Packs
  • Emergency Exit Door
turret systems

All Blast Resistant systems are available with optional 360-degree traversing turret systems. We offer both external fixed mounts and internal/external retractable systems for various weapon platforms.

Gunner Protection Kits

The Gunner Protection Kit (GPK) provides increased gunner protection for nearly 360-degrees. Gunner protection kits are available in both steel armor as well as lightweight composite systems.

Providing protection to guards and other personnel in government buildings and industrial/commercial facilities means that the Company provides solutions to a large and disparate number of applications.

The main product categories are:
  • Guard houses/sentry boxes
  • Security control rooms
  • Border posts
  • Safe havens
The main application groups are:
  • Government buildings including embassies, consulates, ministries, police and security facilities, military installations
  • Critical infrastructure – airports, ports, power stations, rail and subway complexes etc.
  • Banks, petrochemical facilities, industrial complexes and various other commercial facilities.

Tactical Bunkers have been rigorously tested primarily against ballistic standards, but also against blast standards.
Products are tested under both laboratory conditions and live firing demonstrations. All of the steel and glass used in the manufacturing of bullet proof products are tested as per NATO registered in the U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standards 0108.04 Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials, and STANAG
The standard specifies the testing methods and outcomes for a range of ammunition types, the highest being Level IV which demands resistance from 30 cal.(7,62x51) rounds and is the minimum performance achieved by our products range.