Cartridge Disfiguring Machine

With the capability of disfiguring more than 5 tons of cartridge per 8 hours, the cartridge disfiguring machine can be installed anywhere. It is easy to operate upon and does not require any peculiar skills on the part of the workers. Any one can use our cartridge disfiguring machine with relative ease and comfort.

  • The Machine is driven with the three phase 440 Volts. Standard motor (Crompton Greeves) 10 H.P. A starter is provided on the electric panel, having voltage and current measurement facility on its respective meters and indicators.
  • The machine is capable of disfiguring 2 to 5 tons Empty Fired Cartridge per 8 hours. Machine can be installed anywhere even without the RCC Foundation Base.
  • The Shock Mounts are supplied with the Machine.
  • Machine has two Rollers made out of steel, hardened and tempered, with specially designed crossed helix on both the rollers to ensure 100% disfiguring of the cartridges with shearing force, once it is passed through them.
  • Both the rollers are engaged with gear system for maximum adjusting mechanism and proper gear matching.
  • Flywheel is also provided on the driving shaft to ensure smooth and regular running of machine without being effected by fluctuation in load and power supply.
  • An all-round protection of the crushing Zone has been provided to eliminate any splinter coming out due to accidental explosion of live .22 cap or misfired round, during disfiguring process.
  • An automatic vibrating Hooper with channels have been provided to ensure regular and proper feeding of the Cartridge cases in to the machine. Also a fully covered outlet has been provided to ensure prevention of scattering of disfigured cartridges so that it is collected in a proper receiver.
  • The design and operation of the machine is simple and user friendly, which can be operated by any unskilled person with a training of few hours.
  • The maintenance and upkeep of the machine is also very easy, which can be undertaken by any local workshop.
  • A complete tool-kit required for minor adjustment is provided with the machine.