Secure Mobile India is in the business of protecting invaluable human lives. Our forte is design and manufacturing of Armored vehicles, Bulletproof jackets, Guard rooms, Watch towers and a whole host of life protection equipment for Personnel engaged in National Security, Military, Police and VVIPs.

Founded over two decades ago with a vision of securing lives by making fool-proof protection equipment that surpasses pre-requisites and sets new benchmarks in the bulletproofing industry, we now take pride in being one of the leading manufacturers of holistic bulletproofing equipment. At Secure Mobile India, we understand the importance of being technologically advanced, for it helps people work to their potential and improves productivity & innovation equation. It is because of this belief that we’ve always been early adopters of new technologies.

While technology plays a significant role in helping us make terrific quality products within specified timelines, it is because of our experience and ability to visualize that we’re able to look ahead, anticipate needs, suggest improvements, and come up with groundbreaking innovations. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed working with many government and private organizations, which continue to entrust us with greater responsibilities every time.

We work closely with our clients to design, develop, modify, tweak, and manufacture products so that they are tailor-made for the specified requirements. Whether it is making standard protection equipment, or improvising on an existing product design, or coming up with an innovation - We will continue to do whatever it takes to Secure Mobile India and the World!